The Culinary Center is a specialized restaurant and catering company that offers private courses on the whole spectrum of culinary subjects, from food preparation and kitchen tool skills to the finer points of gourmet cooking. Our overarching goal is to illustrate just how fundamental and accessible the culinary arts really can be - anyone who's interested in cooking well can indeed learn to do so. As such, our courses appeal to students of all levels of experience: the novice who wishes to prepare small, elegant dinner parties; the aspiring connoisseur who's looking to enhance his present abilities; even the accomplished chef who desires to hone particular aspects of her craft.

The Culinary Center's program is practicum oriented, combining lectures and demonstrations with hands-on kitchen work. Both in-house chefs and visiting guests comprise our faculty of expert instructors. The food prepared during each class is, of course, sampled by all the students, and the recipes covered in each class are printed and distributed so you can take them home with you.

So welcome to our Culinary Center. Our deepest hope is that you enjoy taking our customized courses as much as we enjoy hosting them.


DAILY SPECIALS Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

**kitchen closes @ 4:00pm everday for hot food, cold food available until closing**


7:30AM - 6PM

8AM - 5PM


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