Wednesday, October 7th, 2015



*Chicken noodle

*Pasta Fagiole

*Fall Flavored Butternut Squash

Cup: $4.25 Bowl: $5.25


*Shrimp Salad Roll

On a New England roll, with rustic potato wedges, and Nappa cabbage basil slaw $13.95


*Pork and Chicken Cutlet Panini

with fresh mozzarella roll, with spinach, and oven-dried tomato, on a toasted roll, spread with sun-dried tomato pesto, and sided with a creamy orecchiette pasta salad $12.95


*Roasted Codfish & Monkfish Duo Salad

Set over garden-grown arugula, with diced mango, pearl pasta, red grapes, yellow raisins, and tempura broccoli florets, dressed with a mango vinaigrette $15.95


*Braised Chicken Leg Tacos

Rolled in a flour tortilla, with garlic tossed pepper, onions, and julienne of vegetables, served with cumin roasted red bliss potatoes, garden grown salsa verde, and cilantro stewed garden tomatoes $13.50


**Mumford's kitchen closes every day at 4:00pm**